Our Services

At Compass Rose Estates, we work in partnership with professionals to provide accommodations for our residents. Most of these services are offered “one on one” with our clients, meaning, they are getting the full attention of the professional in order to achieve the best, individualized outcomes. The following services can be provided to our residents:

  • Sub-Contracted Nursing Services- Assists in Autonomous Healthcare Management
  • Career Preparedness Services
  • Sub-Contracted Mental Health Counseling
  • One on One Interdisciplinary Wellness Needs and Goals Formulation and Assessment
  • Group Conversation with Other Clients– Builds Lasting Friendships, Assists in Coping, Identifies Others that may be Going Through a Similar Situation.
  • Extracurricular Activities– Tailored to the Client’s Interests to Assist in Socialization and Fulfillment
  • Transportation
  • Life Coaching– Building Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, and the Mastery of Juggling Life

A shared approach to lifestyle management is at the core of our facilities, and through our culture of leadership promotion, our residents become equipped to cope with everyday life, and better achieve their goals to attain the excellence for which they strive.