So you have thought this through for some time now, and you’ve finally come to the conclusion of deciding to be a more beautiful you. Congratulations. The hard part is now over with. Our beauty consultants will take the reigns and direct you to Compass Rose Estates. The most prestigious and luxurious healing homes. We were founded in Winter Park, Florida with many more locations to come.

We offer a holistic and innovative approach customized to fit your individual needs. You reaching your optimal health will always be our number one priority. Some of our five star amnesties include, but are not limited to:

  • Luxury  Transportation
  • A fully trained and licensed medical staff
  • Top of the line recovery suites. Allowing you to feel pampered, while still feeling at ease and comfortable.
  • Healthy delicious and well designed meal plans personally customized to you.
  • Post-op exercise, movement and rehabilitation plans.
  • Lympathic and other Healing Massages.
If you decide that you want to receive services, but would rather heal in the comfort of your own home we also offer;
  • A 24 Hour Home Nursing Staff
  • At Home Physical Therapy and Massages
  • A Nanny Service
  • A Meal Prep Program customized to your individual needs designed by our international food experts.