About Compass Rose Estates

Compass Rose Estates was founded in 2016, with the vision of bringing individuals together to share in unique life experiences with the goal of promoting happiness, independence and individuality. We offer supportive services for individuals with mental illnesses and developmental disorders that aid in managing independence, promoting social integration and the highest levels of personal functioning possible. We specialize in preparing individuals that may be struggling to find the right support by equipping them the essential skills they need to operate confidently and independently.

At Compass Rose Estates, we endorse various life skills support to residents living in our Small-Group Transitional Life Facilities. Each of these facilities is tailored to our clients’ needs, interests and goals.  Our collective mission at Compass Rose Estates is to prepare our residents for life outside of a treatment program by inspiring our clients with a positive environment and encouragement. Our compassionate socialization model and programs do just that, as they are designed to build confidence, promote individual interests, independent behavior and accountability.